Nov 8, 2006

The Moon is geologically active

Apparently, the Moon is still alive with "moon burps' of volcanic gas, especially within the area of the Ina Structure (shown in the picture to the right), and explained here and here.

I'm thinking this might be a new exciting premise of the game - build a base near here due to the increased access to precious metals and a volcanic power source. This could add an extra element of danger, but also add some very visually compelling areas of the game.


Anonymous said...

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neftimiades said...

I think this should only happen infrequently as the moon has very few quakes.

Jay Crossler said...

Pancho, I'll send you an email with some tasks. The best way is to keep watching this blog to see what's going on. Your first task will be to install and test the newest version of the game.

Nick, thanks. I had read that in Buzz's book, and was thinking that quakes wouldn't be a big part of the game... just possibly having different minerals found in this area.... not sure if it's a good idea, though.