Nov 4, 2006

Welcome to the Game Development Blog for FOGE MoonBaseOne

FOGE MoonBaseOne Game Design

Build a single-player game by June 2007 that can be used to teach concepts to high-school students about the moon at summer camp program. Ideally, this would be built for easy multi-player expansion. We want to convey that the moon is “a terrible place to build a base – too hot during the day, too cold at night, not many resources” (quote from Buzz last week). It should be a platform for refueling and launching to get to Mars or Beyond.

The game would be a 3D animated adventure to land mining bots on the moon, navigate them to mine resources, protect them from the hazards of sun damages and falls and collisions, then building a landing and launch site for refueling other spacecraft. You get points for building this landing site/base faster. You are a NASA astronaut that must breathe air and can suffocate if air runs out. You can pass out from sun stroke, or freeze if you spend too long in extreme temperatures (which is always the case on the moon).

Game Design overview:
Our first goal is to make a running game that works and has the least amount of “bells and whistles”. After we get a Version 1, we’ll start adding capabilities to Version 2 or 3. Making this stuff takes a lot of time, and requires skills of: art, 3D modeling, 3D texturing, programming, sound design, and storytelling/timing/aesthetics. It’s not easy! So, we need to plan to build things incrementally and realistically and not expect to make Halo 3 (that game is taking over $100 million to create)!

Check out the Federation of Galaxy Explorers site for more information

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