Nov 9, 2006

We need content!

The biggest thing we need is content! This means 3D models, textures (for the models), and sounds. These need to be in a format that I can import them in for Torque.

A good resource to start learning about how to do this is at I use Lightwave 3D to do the modelling, photoshop for texturing... but as long as they're in a working DTS file, They'll work well. Minimizing polygons is very important so that the game loads and plays faster... so models need to be in the 100s (not the tens of thousands like something out of a movie).

You can also search for "free 3D models", though most of them take a lot longer to later convert into Torque.

If you find any (especially if they're already in Torque format), please post in the comments section!

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