Jul 15, 2007

Wikipedia site created

We have a new Wikipedia page! Feel free to add to it, update trivia or details, or link to your profiles.

Our last step is to complete all Copyright transfer documents to give FOGE full rights to distribute.

Great job everyone! Excellent effort, and it was great working with you all.

Jul 14, 2007

Latest release

Added a few more updates:
- Derek's new voice files added
- Added a scoreboard that remembers the top 10 scores
- Two different games - one where you can play for double the points, but your clock doesn't stop when you're in the base
- Bots tell you info about how they are configured
- Removed the Chat HUD console, repositioned score
- Added more commands to Bots (Follow me, Mine here, go home)
- Added conversation file for Hammond, so he'll trade resources with you
- Added ammo boxes with advanced mining bits to increase mining yield

Jul 12, 2007

Updated video with Credits

Here is a slightly newer video with Dr J's and Derek's name in the credits. Thanks everyone for your hard work and excellent teamwork. It's so rewarding finally having a delivered product.

Jul 10, 2007

Updates to add pizzaz

We've already got a few updates ready to add into Release Candidate 2 (UPDATE: Just Posted).

These are:
- Added a scoring system!
- 30 lessons within the Lunar Academy (thank's Dr. J!)
- Increased sound volume for Derek's sound files (Thanks Derek!)
- New Lunar Academy Screen that looks much nicer
- Fixed some of the animation snaffus when mining
- Fixed a problem with the commander talking about the scientist
- Fixed some of the Supply comments

Anything else to get in before it's loaded on the terminals next week?

I'm going to try to add:
- Conversation files for Engineer Hammond in the Garage
- Stop the stutter-walking after mining
- Limit the number of upgrades you can give to any single bot (otherwise, one bot can drill 100s of minerals at once)
- Add a credits screen to give us all credit for the great work done

Jul 9, 2007

MoonBaseOne - Release Candidate 1 posted!

It's here and ready for serious user testing!

MoonBaseOne is ready to go!

All final systems have been added, so it's ready to play. I'll be doing testing, balancing, and tweaking over the next week, but it's ready to play now.

I'd love any feedback you all could send! What can be fixed or improved?

More things to tweak over the next few days. None of these are critical, but will add some oompf to the game:
- Add some more dialog from Dr. J's script
- Add some interaction for Hammond out in the Garage
- Add 15 more lessons
- Fix the sound files to play in the foreground audio

Jul 8, 2007

Great progress on Version 2.06

We're almost complete for Phase 1 of Moon Base One!

I'll post an updated version at the end of the day. So far, we've got every major system in, tested, and working. The only piece that's left to finish is the "Lunar Academy" computer teaching system for people to take lessons and get rewards from.

The Major fixes so far are:
- Fixed random crashes! (at least, all that I've been able to replicate)
- Supply purchasing system added
- All new conversation system added (it looks great!)
- Item upgrades can be purchased and applied to bots
- All new buildings fully added
- Missions give you the jetpack and mining gun... so you have to earn them
- You can no longer use jetpack inside base

Jul 5, 2007

Version 2.05 Posted

We're planning one more update this weekend to add the computer lessons and store purchasing GUI, as well as fix some moving AI and apply item upgrades to the robots. Newly converted sound files will be in that, as well.

There is a temporary upgrade (that hopefully fixes all crashes) posted now. It also has Andre's new amazing base layouts. Great stuff!

Jul 1, 2007

Version 2.04 posted

Large coding update!

The purchasing system has been completed. There are now 15 objects within the game that can either be purchased or earned by completing classes. Each object is found at a certain location (Supply, Garage, Computer).

There's a new way to purchase robots. Once you have enough materials, you go ask the supply officer. You can also by upgrades to your mining gun as well as to your carrying pack. The supply officer can also fix the broken robot out front if you have enough minerals.

We have audio cues being played to tell the players what to do... the volume is just really really low, so we'll increase that for the next update.