Feb 7, 2009

MoonBaseOne Version 4 posted

I've uploaded the version of MoonBaseOne that we've been using for the past year within Galaxy Explorers here. This isn't in a .msi file, meaning that it's not as easy to install within Windows (sorry, I no longer have the computer set up to make those installers).

This has:
- Astronauts in new, cooler uniforms
- More missions and tasks to do
- Different story line options
- Better Terrain
- A lot of small tweaks

Notice that when you run it, it'll upload your score to an online server.

This hasn't been fully tested. Hopefully, we can hand it to a new vlunteer to fully test and build into an install file.

Source code to make your own "Lunar Academy"

I've released the source code for making your own quizes using Torque. This is Creative Commons, meaning that anyone can use it without required payment. I've posted a zip file with instructions on how to add it to your game here.