Nov 12, 2006

MoonBaseOne Version 0.4 posted!

I've got a lot of updates to the game. The newest version of the game files are at: MoonBaseOne

To install the game, first go to the website and download the demo of the Torque 1.4.2 game engine. Once you've installed it, replace the c:\torque\sdk\example\tutorial.base directory with the directory from the zip file above (this has all the game files in it).

Things I've changes this version:
- Terrain improved to remove random spikes and holes
- Jump size more realistic for moon
- Rocks available on the moonscape that give you points when you walk into them
- Screen size changed to work on 1280x1040 (and in windowed-mode) Hit Alt-Return to maximize game
- Footstep sounds removed, step sizes increased
- Horizon dust increased
- Other small changes to make game 90% smaller
- Upgraded to work with Torque 1.5 if you have it

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