Nov 14, 2006

How to make 3D objects

Note: I've almost got Tribes-style jetpacks working within the game, and am currently tweaking them to feel more realistic on the moon!

If you're interested in creating 3D models and content, here are some good guides:
The best book to give an exact description of how to export objects to the Torque DTS format is "3D Game Programming All In One" by Kenneth Finney. It also highlights many of the other processes I'm using in building the game.
I use LightWave 3D to build objects (but it's not free). Another great tool is Milkshape 3D (which is free). There is an entire series of tutorials at: (under Tutorials -> Milkshape). I also use QuArk for creating buildings with interiors (.DIF files).

Specific tutorials to look at:


Jay Crossler said...

We're going for "as realistic as possible" and still trying to decide what that means.

If you would like to generate a model of a realistic moonbase buildings or structures (meaning lightweight construction, minimum mass, maximum protection/multiple use) that max at 100 polygons, and use 512x512 PNGs as textures, I'll make sure I can get them in the game (just to make sure our development is compatible for the first one).

Jay Crossler said...

We have a number of pieces of content ("assets" in the game lingo) that have been donated by a local defense contractor. These are LWO LightWave objects.

They need to be converted and exported to Torque DTS formats. I'll put together some detailed instructions on how this should be done. Send me an email if you're interested...