Dec 2, 2006

Radiotelescope on the moon by 2018,,11069-2480764,00.html

A few scenarios for the game might revolve around taking care of the NASA Lunar telescope... possibly building or upgrading parts of it, repairing micro-meteorite holes, or general care and feeding.

This might play well into the concept of the character being a "contractor" or employee of a corporation that is on the moon for a company making proftis. This company might be on consignment for repairs and other space tasks by the Earth-bound governments. This might make for a really good/competitive story of having different corporations all fighting for the bonus money of the first to complete certain lunar missions.

Any thoughts?

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Phil Smith said...

I prefer a scenario that takes place in a sequential manner. For example, starting from scratch, as it were.

Students would begin by pouring over Clementine, Smart 1, and Lunar Prospector data searching for good places to set up shop, and explain why (mission requirements, location, etc.). Site selection should then be followed by a detailed design of a base, including materials, staffing, logistics, utilities, etc. The third step should involve actual construction, to include procurement, resources, logistics, and all the other issues related to construction. Finally, operations can take place, and that part is very detailed indeed.