Dec 4, 2006

Mars ideas we can "borrow"

Here's a good Mars site that has some interesting and creative designs and images.

I like the layout of this base, and think we should start reprodcuing the buildings in it to at least get a first layout of our base. Should all buildings only be buildable in a specific location (much easier to program), or should you be able to freely place any building?


Also, here are some good images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which could be used for Moon Textures as well:


neftimiades said...

Can we mix? Have some buildings only be buildable in a specific location while able to freely place another building? Perhaps solar panels have to be a certain distance away so as not to get covered with regolith kicked up from normal activity.

A landing/launch pad has to be a certain distance away for safety reasons.

Other facilities might necessarily be underground so as can only be built into a hillside or crater side.

P.S. Can we blast a hole in a crater side to start/expand mining operations? I think kids would have fun sending charges down the hole.

Phil Smith said...

I like the designs. I note that the Mars one is designed by a group from the 4Frontiers Corporation, a company I have provided artwork for, as it turns out. Their design is very thorough, with significant engineering and industrial design detail incorporated.

I think inflatables covered with rigolith makes sense, as does a "Pueblo-style" settlement "carved" into the wall of a crater (affording protection, but also allowing for access to light and shadow.

I also believe most people in the future will live underground on the Moon, probably using lava tubes and other natural caverns, though such areas would need to be sealed with plating or a spray-on cement. Light from the Sun can then be directed into the chamber via louvers and such (think Genesis Cave in Star Trek II).