Dec 2, 2006

More quests and Space rock threats

The potential danger to being hit by meteroites/micro-meteorites seems to be at least 4 times greater than our computer models predicted. This could make for some interesting missions, and random explosions/damage during the game.

Our "quests"/"missions" could be in the form of:

Assigned through company on Earth via radio communication

  • Go get some mineral or amount of minerals
  • Repair or place or move a mining station (or make sure a "transport bot" can retrieve minerals)
  • Recover an "air-dropped" package and return to base
  • Fix a NASA-owned asset, such as a telescope, transmitter, or weapon (asteroid-shooter?)
  • Help robot drones with a problem they are having
  • An employee/vehicle/bot of a competing company on the moon needs rescue

Randomly occuring

  • Rover breaks down while you're riding it
  • Micrometeorite hits a building/equipment
  • Computer failure with something you're using.... reboot a machine
  • Complete comms failure, can't receive missions
  • Solar flare causing radiation storm... need to seek shelter immediately

Freeform - bonuses that you receive by doing things on your own

  • Purchase minerals/equipment from a competitor
  • Go discover or haul extra resources
  • Find or analyze new resource or chemicals
  • Clear lunar dust to prepare for future needs (moon dust is magnetized and very sharp, gets into everything and ruins equipment)


neftimiades said...

The game should the following:

1. a facility that mines Oxygen. It can be inthe bottom of a crator.

2. A large telescope array.

3. A landing pad for re-supply missions

4. robots to explore places for minerals.

neftimiades said...

We need a "jumber" that lets you fly from place to place.

neftimiades said...

If you transport oxygen during the daytime, one of your oxygen cans might explode due to heat

neftimiades said...

Also include a robotic bulldozer for making roads.

neftimiades said...


Jay Crossler said...

I have added in a jet pack ability, I'll update the code to show that soon. I need to add an actual Jet Pack onto the back of the astronaut so flames don't come out of their bottom.

I like the idea of oxygen cans exploding during the day time.

Jay Crossler said...
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neftimiades said...

Other random failures:
Loss of pressure in suits and buildings
Loss of power.

neftimiades said...

When is the jet pack going ot be ready?