Feb 21, 2007

More mining!

I've added a minor update as version 1.7:

- To fix a few of the bug reports, I changed the way that movement works with mining - now you use up energy every time you mine. This lets you mine faster.

- The player starts out with a bunch of minerals to begin with, to make getting a robot quicker.

- Each robot can have different numbers associated with it - how fast it mines, how much it mines

- Everytime you mine, it will use up a bit of that area... after 10 or so times, it will tell you that there's been too much mining in the area

Plans for next mining updates:
- Robots wil hold on to minerals, you have to go out and pick them up when they are full
- After robots can't mine in an area, they'll randomly move around until they find a spot that isn't mined yet, then restart
- When robots mine, they might hit a pocket of gas or something explosive
- When robots mine, they might slowly take damage
- You can recall robots to base... some of them might not work and you have to pick them up
-- This wil be very useful if a meteor storm is about to hit
- If robots break, you can either fix them or scrap them for resources
- When making robots, you can pick many different options for building them

What other ideas?!

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neftimiades said...

Ideas for degradation/destruction of robots: Meteorite shower, Solar storm causes electronics to fry, falls off unstable/loose rock, hits solid iron. I don't believe there are gas pockets on the moon. When sunlight (heat) hits elements that would normally be under regolith it would cause an instantaneous change over to gas. We can explain that in the game "Watch out, if you hit a big pocket of hydrogen in daylight....."