Feb 26, 2007

Minor Mining update

I've posted a small update just to test the mining changes. I'm having troubles building the datablocks for the other player uniforms and bots, so they aren't in right now (should be soon!).

- There are less minerals needed to buy robots
- Mining an area doesn't use up the land as fast
- Mining areas are much smaller - so you don't have to move as much to mine
- Jet pack speed is based on how many minerals you are carrying.
- Rocks are mineable again - about 40-60 minerals per rock


neftimiades said...

Significant improvement in the game. Much better playing experience. Kids stayed with it fo rsome time. Reasonable movement from one place to another to mine. Still glitches as player walks. Often must "back pedal" to free character so he can run. Also, Have not been able to purchase a robot despite having 5 times the required amount of minerals.

neftimiades said...

Rythum of play is excellent. Just the right amount of time minning an area before it is depleted.

neftimiades said...

Had to run graphics at 640 X 480. Game slowed and stalled at higher graphics. I am running Pentium 4 with 1gig RAM.

neftimiades said...

Loaded the game on to another computer. Much better performance. No issues at 800 X 600. Mining bots worked great. Rocks broke apart while drilling. It was great. Minor glitch with player still walking. Also, when you exit the game and return, you still have the bots.

Jay Crossler said...

Great! I'm wondering what the problem was. I changed one configuration setting, I'll set it back and see if that improves performance.

The next version will fix the bot leave/return problem. It's actually worse than it looks - because it's duplicating everything else as well (buildings, rocks, vehicles), which really degrades performance.