Feb 18, 2007

Mining robots

Game version 1.6 is posted!

This has some upgrades to the mining logic. When you mine, you can only mine when you have enough energy. You can only carry 100 units of minerals... once you have that, go and touch the golden machine by the base of the outpost to drop those off at base.

After you have enough minerals to purchase a mining robot, hit the "+" plus key. This will place a mining robot. You can place up to 6 robots, and each one you get mines a little bit better than the last.

Currently, the robots each cost:
5 aluminum, 8 carbon, 45 iron, 3 magnesium, 25 silicon, 5 nickle

What else should we build? What should they cost? I've increased the mining values, especially in higher ares... is this enough?


neftimiades said...

A couple of glitches. the drilling is a little more difficult this version. There are too many "stops". The kids get a little frustrated. I would make it a little easier. Also, the robot walks a lot. How do I get him to run? Sometimes he goes off on his own running with no keys pressed.

Jay Crossler said...


I just posted version 1.7. Can you try this and see if those glitches are fixed? I also decreased the time between mining, and started the player of with some minerals at the base.

neftimiades said...

Are you going to get out another version before you leave?

neftimiades said...

Jay, I have a glitch in version 1.9. Upon closing the game it hangs up and I get a microsoft error message.