Feb 28, 2007

Building the base

For ease of management, we're going to break the game into two halves - Andre will run the base, and everthing within the base (floorplan, textures, objects, characters, etc). I will run everything outside the base (vehicles, mining, terrain, space weather, robots, etc). This will help us continue development while I'm out and when I return. I love it when your team allows you to take a vacation!

Andre has a pretty innovative idea to build a series of modular floors shaped like rings... this way, we can add a new ring when needed (or when we come up with a new plot device). This will allow us to quickly test new base layouts and change in the future to support more ideas. Andre's thinking of using an elevator between floors, and will give us a preview of the idea during tonights telecon at 7:30.

On the left side are some pictures of a new moon base idea that NASA is testing out, full story here.

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neftimiades said...

Remember, Telecon on Wed at 7:30pm