Jan 28, 2007

New Game Version Posted

We've posted version 1.5 of the Moon Base One game. The new version includes:

- More vehicles
- Deadly spilled radioactive goo
- A Jet pack with Sounds
- Into Dialogue
- Breathing sounds
- Underground Outpost with Doors and a machine room
- A mining gun to mine into the lunar regolith or into stray boulders

This is a first draft for many of these effects - and some are still a little raw... they'll be cleaned up and polished during the next release.

Thanks for everyone's help!!


Mike said...

As the resident explosives engineer, I should make mention that when Liquid Oxygen (LOX) comes into contact with anything remotely resembling a fuel, it can quickly turn it into an explosive. For instance, soak a BBQ briquette in some LOX and watch people soil their pants when you hit it with a spark.

FWIW, LOX and asphalt (similar to the stuff they use for road pavement today) was once used as a rocket fuel.

If the base has LOX storage tanks, they'd be _FAR_ away from any habitated building. While in real life, scoring a meteorite hit on a LOX tank might produce a nice big gas cloud release, LOX by itself is pretty harmless. I'm not sure what the regolith dust is made up of, but it's doubtful LOX + moon dust would do anything.

So the question is, do we want gut-busting, ground-thumping massive fireballs from LOX explosions, or cutesy-wootsey poof's of gas that might manifest as disembodied amorphous clouds of white fluff wandering around like 'The Fog' from a Stephen King Novel, igniting machinery and corroding any mining gear it comes into contact with?

Jay Crossler said...

Ha ha! Definately big explosions. Even though we're aiming for realism, I think we can take some creative license with size of explosions....

Do you think that you can "own" the:
- Explosions
- Dust lift from footsteps
- Dust from car tires
- Smoke from the jetpack
- Atmosphere/lighting?

I've figured out the basics of all of these. Once I get that DVD to you, let's talk through what I know to make the effors easier.

I'm excited to have our resident explosives engineer engaged!

Mike said...

Ah, perfect. Perhaps we can get our sound engineer to come up with 5 or 6 different sound files for explosions ranging from Barney claps to MOAB detonations?

Ha. "In space, nobody can hear you scream." - But they'll sure hear the LOX tanks going high-order ;-)

I'm good to go with your list - and hopefully by Friday afternoon they'll have the satellite link re-established at my place.

Phil Smith said...

Great work!