Jan 14, 2007

Moon Base One: The Setting

The year is 2030. Rob Hegg stands atop the jagged mountains of the south side of the moon. Early in the 21st century, humanity came to the moon to extend humanity’s presence across the solar system. The moon is the first step. The quest to find extraterrestrial life has always been a driving force behind humankind’s expansion into the solar system. That, and the calling to venture into the unknown causes mankind to invest in its future by exploring and colonizing space. For the creative minded, employing space technology could bring untold riches in new commercial ventures.

Neither the early robotic probes, nor the humans that created them could have predicted the tremendous possibilities for humanity to be found in the chemical composition of the moon. Helium Three, the key to clean fusion power, was abundant in the hostile environment of the moon. It was no longer just exploring space, but exploiting it, which brought the humans. The possibilities for commercial growth and the development of wealth exceeded beyond belief. Scientists on Earth worked to perfect the processes for creating power from Helium Three that could provide near limitless clean energy for the entire planet. The hopes of billions of people rested with this precious element. So too did the fears of millions.

The development of limitless clean energy threatened nations all over the world. It threatens the empires, money, and power of those who produce fossil fuels. There are many powerful people, organizations, and countries who would love to see Moon Base One fail; so many in fact, that an increasing number of people believe equipment failures and other strange happenings are sabotage. There is no evidence of this claim. Still, inhabitants are warned to check everything and to be on the look out for “substandard equipment”.

Much of Moon Base One is buried beneath 5 meters of lunar regolith and soil. The lunar soil is an effective means of protecting its inhabitants from the intense radiation emanating from space and the nearby sun. Moon Base One has a short supply chain to Earth and orbiting space stations. Arrival of supply vehicles is a normal part on base operations. Moon Base One has begun producing helium 3 in ample quantities to meet Earth’s power needs. Moon Base One also supports nearby mining operations and fuel production for rockets bound for the Red Planet.


neftimiades said...

Phil Smith had a great idea. What about adding some excitement like a germ that accidently gets out of containment?

neftimiades said...

I think the astronaut shoudld get a first briefing that explains his/her presence on the moon and what they are expected to accomplish. Example: The objective being to mine a certain amount of helium 3 before something happens; or perhaps they have to mine oxygen before the base runs out. Or first one activity; then the other.

neftimiades said...

Just as a refresher; here are some of the tasks that can be done on the moon base.

* Exploration of the moon. Test rock samples brought back from EVA’s.
* Radio telescopes.

Operations and Maintenance

* Re-supply missions to moon.
* Remotely drive a rover to collect supplies from landing site
* Set up power unit – deploy solar panels
* Respond to anomalies:

1. Return to Moon Base due to radiation from solar activity
2. Power loss – repair power station
3. Medical issues – rescue injured astronaut
4. Pressure leaks (micrometeorites) – repair facility
5. Broken filtration units – build new water filtration unit
6. Reports of different problems from earth

Other possibilities for the video game. This can include a host of anomalies from things blowing up to falling off a cliff. I think the more danger, the better.

* Building the base – inflating structures or using the Moon buggy to move structures into place.
* Mining operation – Astronaut services a robotic mining operation. Perhaps transporting oxygen to the home base or Helium 3 to a rocket for launch
* Servicing failed equipment – autonomous telescopes that break down
* Cleaning off large solar cells when covered by regolith (If he kicks up too much dust, the solar cells get covered and power in the station goes down)
* Food production – hydroponics facility
* Collecting supplies that came from earth