Jan 6, 2007

How's this for opening text and voice over?

June, 2030:

Your volunteer application for a six week assignment to Moon Base One has been approved! As a contractor working for FOGE Inc., we are very proud of the studying and effort you have shown. Your hard work has paid off.

As you know, FOGE Inc. is one of the World’s lead stellar contracting firms. We are the best engineers and scientist available for hire!

NASA has just approved a contract for us to accomplish Phase 3 of the Moon Base One expansion. We will be improving existing facilities, and adding state of the art factories, robotics and infrastructure. Your success here is required for us to be funded to work on Phase 4. Your friends at FOGE are counting on you.

Over the next few weeks, your task is to set up an automatic mining process. Find enough materials from the lunar Regolith to build more robots and enhancements to the base. We'll give you specific tasks of what to build, but finding enough raw materials is paramount!

Now that you are here, get acquainted with the mining outpost at the base of the hill. The main Moon Base One structure is about a mile to the North East. Your room is in that main base - we have a rover assigned to you that can drive there. There should be a jetpack near here that will also help you fly around in the low gravity. Be careful on your landings - we've had many employees sprain their ankles from coming down too fast.

We'll call you on your inner-suit comm. radio when we have specific missions to do. From all of us watching your every move from back on Earth, FOGE Inc wishes you good luck. Have fun building the future of mankind!


neftimiades said...

Jay, this is great

Jay Crossler said...

I'd really like to have a "Long Zoom" video that starts out on Earth, and then zooms up through space and winds up on the surface of the moon (or close to it).

I'm working on converting a simpler "spinning moon" view and putting a first voice over on that as a placeholder, though embedding video isn't as easy as I thought.

Jay Crossler said...

I've set up an editable version of this at: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dfm9zrp8_5ffd6zx

If you'd like access, email me!

Jay Crossler said...

Our volunteer voice actor, Peter Wylie, is recording this now! I should have it in the next version of the game.

Jay Crossler said...

I've just posted the latest edit of the recording on the right side of the blog! I'd love any feedback you have...