Feb 7, 2009

MoonBaseOne Version 4 posted

I've uploaded the version of MoonBaseOne that we've been using for the past year within Galaxy Explorers here. This isn't in a .msi file, meaning that it's not as easy to install within Windows (sorry, I no longer have the computer set up to make those installers).

This has:
- Astronauts in new, cooler uniforms
- More missions and tasks to do
- Different story line options
- Better Terrain
- A lot of small tweaks

Notice that when you run it, it'll upload your score to an online server.

This hasn't been fully tested. Hopefully, we can hand it to a new vlunteer to fully test and build into an install file.


Anonymous said...

How do you drop a beacon? Is that anywhere in the instructions?

Nick Eftimiades said...

I like this new version. The astronaut is much better looking. I am still nowhere close to meeting the required minerals or water in the allotted time - neither are any of the kids who tried it. It needs to be reduced. Can there be a help function to guide the player on where to look. Perhaps something the commander says?

Nick Eftimiades said...

P.S. Do we want to put together a focus group of kids to try this?

Douglas said...

Nice! Didn't see where to work with others. Seems hard to know what you should be doing.