Jul 10, 2007

Updates to add pizzaz

We've already got a few updates ready to add into Release Candidate 2 (UPDATE: Just Posted).

These are:
- Added a scoring system!
- 30 lessons within the Lunar Academy (thank's Dr. J!)
- Increased sound volume for Derek's sound files (Thanks Derek!)
- New Lunar Academy Screen that looks much nicer
- Fixed some of the animation snaffus when mining
- Fixed a problem with the commander talking about the scientist
- Fixed some of the Supply comments

Anything else to get in before it's loaded on the terminals next week?

I'm going to try to add:
- Conversation files for Engineer Hammond in the Garage
- Stop the stutter-walking after mining
- Limit the number of upgrades you can give to any single bot (otherwise, one bot can drill 100s of minerals at once)
- Add a credits screen to give us all credit for the great work done

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