Mar 30, 2007

Attack of the Bots!

A huge robot update has been posted in the latest release. Over 30 new features to really expand the robot system is in the new version 1.99. To really test out the changes, load the second "Empty Moon Testing" mission in the game loader.

New Robot features and Attributes:
- Hopper size - once the hopper is full of minerals, it tries to make a canister and drops them on the ground.
-- Once canisters have run out, it will run back to base to drop minerals off (if you buy a homing beacon)
-- You can add an attachment to the bot so that canisters it drops has lights to make them easier to find
-- You can give the bot more canisters by touching it, or drop all the minerals you are carrying by pressing 'L'
- Bots have different movement speed, size, color, and intelligence levels
- Bots can have better drilling bits, which dig faster and allow for more minerals to be recovered
- Bots can have have a microscopic imager to increase chances of finding minerals
- The more intelligent a bot, the better it is at finding new ground to mine on
- Bots can have an ad-hoc Network device, which lets them share bad mining spots with other bots
- Bots can have a Mineral Surveying Device which helps them always find good mineral spots

1 comment:

neftimiades said...

A few glitches:

1. The character occasionally breaks into a walk - more like a shuffle.

2. When he meets other characters or uses the drill comes through the back of his body - impaling him.

3. The game locks up upon ending.

Is it set yet to talk to characters? Also, have to move our main character back to white.